Friday, January 1, 2010


I think the greatest contribution to the TV Universe that will come out of the Tennant years (aside from the fantastic performance by David Tennant himself) will be the introduction of the Chameleon Arch in the two-part story "Human Nature" & "Family Of Blood".

The Chameleon Arch probably made its debut in the 'Doctor Who' novel "Human Nature", but that has no bearing on the TV Universe. That must remain in the literary universe as it was about the Seventh Doctor. For the TV show, the basic story was about the Tenth.
I've written about the Chameleon Arch before, but you'll find that the link to the Boots video is no longer in service. So I found an alternate source and can provide it embedded here:

So long as 'Rex Is Not Your Lawyer' remains only a pilot, we can probably consider Rex Alexander to be the Tenth Doctor in disguise thanks to the Chameleon Arch. Of course, that would mean the characters to be played by Jane Curtin (as Rex's Mom) and Jerry O'Connell (his best friend) have to be splained away. They could be Companions during that unseen period in the Doctor's life between "Runaway Bride" and "Smith And Jones".

But of course, I'm rooting for "Rex Is Not Your Lawyer" to make it to series, so I'd be more than happy to kick this conjecture to the curb.

We can use the Chameleon Arch to speculate on the one-shot TV roles by any of the previous Doctors in various TV shows, TV movies, and even in commercials. So long as those characters aren't villains, aren't killed by the end of the show (which lets off Patrick Troughton in 'Morse'), or have other complications (like Christopher Eccleston's character of Claude in 'Heroes', who sported the power of invisibility), then we might give them consideration as being altered versions of the Doctor. And thus we would have new theoretical connections to 'Doctor Who'.


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