Friday, January 1, 2010


Here's my wish-list for Steven Moffat to consider for future episodes of 'Doctor Who':

1) Get Stephen Fry to write that episode which he was supposed to have already supplied, but was too busy. Free up some time, Fry!

2) If the Time Lords are back, bring back Romana from E-Space for a guest spot. In fact, while you're at it, bring back Carole Ann Ford as Susan. Wouldn't it be interesting for her to be reunited with her grandfather again, especially now that he looks so much younger than her?

3) Let the Messiah Complex stories fade away with the RTD regime.

4) Continue the famous writers theme. May I suggest Tolkien? The inhabitants of the Forest of Cheem might have been the inspiration for the Ents....

5) Bring Paul McGann back and show his involvement in the Time War. Give the Eighth Doctor his due!

6) Persuade the BBC to do a crossover with 'Being Human'. It seems like a natural, especially now that the Doctor "appears" to be the same age as George, Mitchell, and Annie.


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