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This is Toobworld Central's annual list of those who died during the year who contributed to the creation of Toobworld, in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Within their categories, they are in no other order than the order in which they passed away. (Some of those are approximate as in some cases, months might have passed before I heard the news.) If I had been playing favorites, several names would have risen to the top..... It's bad enough that Patrick McGoohan is so close to the top as it is......

If there is anyone who passed away in 2009 that you know I missed, please let me know and I will add to the honors list.......

Pat Hingle ('Gunsmoke')
Cheryl Holdridge ('The Mouseketeers')
Steven Gilborn ('Ellen', 'The Wonder Years')
Don Galloway ('Ironside')
Harry Endo ('Hawaii Five-O')
Patrick McGoohan ('Danger Man', 'The Prisoner')
Ricardo Montalban ('Fantasy Island', 'Star Trek')
Bob May (Robot, 'Lost In Space')
Clint Ritchie ('One Life To Live')
James Whitmore ('The Law And Mr. Jones')
Philip Carey ('One Life To Live, 'Bengal Lancers', 'Laredo')
Diane Holland ('Hi-De-Hi')
James Bree ('Doctor Who', 'I, Claudius', 'Rumpole Of The Bailey')
Frank Gallacher (Scottish-Australian actor)
Wendy Richard ('EastEnders', 'Are You Being Served?')
Anna Manahan ('Fair City', "The Beauty Queen Of Leenane")
Jimmy Boyd ('Bachelor Father', "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus")
Lisa Renee Davis (in music videos for Jason Michael Carroll and Keith Anderson)
Ron Silver ('Rhoda', 'The West Wing')
Betsy Blair (1950s TV, English TV, "Marty" on film)
Altovise Davis (Sammy Davis' widow)
Terence Edmond ('Z Cars')
Bob Arbogast (voice-over artist, 'Roger Ramjet')
Monte Hale (cowboy actor)
Lou Perryman ("Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2", "Poltergeist") - murdered
Mary Scott ('Alfred Hitchcock Presents')
Jody McCrea (Deadhead in "Beach Blanket movies", son of Joel McCrea)
Stephanie Parker (Stacey Weaver on 'Belonging' from 15 to 22, show ended just days before she was found hanged.)
Andy Hallett ('Angel')
Bea Arthur ('Maude', 'The Golden Girls')
Dom DeLuise ('Lotsa Luck')
Frank Aletter ('Bringing Up Buddy', 'It's About Time')
Monica Bleibtrau (Austrian/German actress)
Lucy Gordon (hanged herself in France, young English actress, "Stella")
David Carradine ('Kung Fu', 'Kung Fu: The Next Generation')
Johnny Palermo ('Everybody Hates Chris')
Farrah Fawcett ('Charlie's Angels', 'Harry O')
Gale Storm ('My Little Margie', 'Oh, Susanna!')
Fred Travalena (impressionist)
Karl Malden ('The Streets of San Francisco', 'Skag')
Harve Presnell ('Andy Barker, P.I.', "Fargo")
Mollie Sugden ('Are You Being Served?')
Jan Rubes ("Witness")
Anna Karen Morrow ('Peyton Place', 'Star Trek')
Dallas McKennon ('Gumby', 'Daniel Boone')
Beverly Roberts (1930s, did TV)
Les Lye ('You Can't Do That On Television')
Harry Towb (Irish actor who worked in 'Avengers', 'Doctor Who', 'EastEnders')
Ruth Ford ('Camera Three', 'Studio One')
Leela Naidu (Indian actress, episodes of 'Channing' and 'Man Of The World')
Shaukat Baig ('Bollywood Hero')
Virginia Carroll ('Dragnet', 'The Roy Rogers Show')
Lee Kurty ('Dr. Kildare' love interest)
Dudu Topaz (Israeli actor-comedian, suicide in jail)
Wayne Tippit ('Melrose Place')
Jack Manning ('The Paper Chase')
Patrick Swayze ('The Beast')
Paul Burke ('Naked City', 'Twelve O'Clock High')
Zakas Mokae ('The West Wing', 'The X-Files')
Henry Gibson ('Laugh-In')
John Hart ('The Lone Ranger')
Robert Ginty ('Baa Baa Black Sheep')
Mimi Weddell ('Sex And The City', 'Law & Order', subject of documentary "Hats Off!")
Pamela Blake ('The Range Rider', 'The Cisco Kid')
Al Martino ('The City', 'Adam-12', "The Godfather")
Lou Albano (WWF, Cyndi Lauper videos)
Joseph Wiseman ('The Twilight Zone', "Dr. No")
Collin Wilcox Horne ('The Twilight Zone', 'To Kill A Mockingbird')
Lou Jacobi ('Ivan The Terrible')
Carl Ballantine ('McHale's Navy', Ballantine the Great)
Joe Maross ('The Twilight Zone')
Edward Woodward ('The Equalizer', 'Callan')
Dennis Cole ('Bearcats!')
Jack Kissell ('Life With Bonnie")
Paul Naschy (the Boris Karloff of Spain, mostly werewolf movies but Spanish TV as well
and one episode of 'I Spy' with Karloff)
Richard Todd ('Robin Hood', "Dambusters")
Vyacheslav Tikhonov (Russian actor, "17 Moments of Spring" mini-series)
Warren Vanders ("Empire" (as Chuck Davis), "The Big Valley," "Bonanza," "Daniel Boone," "Alias Smith and Jones," "Gunsmoke," "Kung Fu," "Nevada Smith" and "How the West Was Won,")
Eva Soreny
Mark Ritts ('Beakman's World', 'Storytime')
Gene Barry ('Bat Masterson', 'Burke's Law', 'The Name of the Game')
Val Avery ('Columbo', 'The Odd Couple')
Wayne Allwine (voice of Mickey Mouse)
Connie Hines ('Mr. Ed')
Brittany Murphy ('King of the Hill', 'The Torkelsons')
Alaina Reed Hall ('Sesame Street', '227')
Arnold Stang ('Top Cat', "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad Mad World")

Veatrice Rice (nurse/security guard on 'The Jimmy Kimmel Show')
Jon Hager (of the Hager twins, 'Hee Haw')
Tony Hart (BBC - presenter on 'Take Hart', 'Vision On', 'Saturday Special')
Paul Harvey (Radio personality)
Geoffrey Smith (BBC gardening expert)
Jade Goody (reality TV star in the UK)
George Kell (Detroit Tigers player and broadcaster)
Lennie Bennett (British game show host, 'Punchlines', 'The Comedians')
Phil Kalas (Phillies broadcaster)
Sir Clement Freud (BBC broadcaster, dog food commercials, grandson of Sigmund)
Koko Taylor (blues legend - in both 'New York Undercover', 'Arthur' as herself)
Ed McMahon ('The Tonight Show', 'Star Search', Budweiser commercials)
Michael Jackson ('The Jackson 5', "Thriller", "Billie Jean")
Billy Mays (infomercial king)
Ginger (Taco Bell dog)
Alexis Cohen ('American Idol' try-out who cursed out Simon)
Reverend Ike (The Rev. Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II was one of the first evangelists to embrace television.)
Les Paul (electric guitar wizard)
Ryan Jenkins ('Megan Wants A Millionaire' - killed his ex-wife and then himself)
DJ AM ('Entourage' as himself)
Saad Khan (died while filming a reality promotion for Unilever shampoo)
Army Archerd (show biz columnist, played himself in 'Columbo', many other shows)
Mike Bongiorno (Italy's Quiz King)
Fred Cusick (voice of the Boston Bruins)
Keith Floyd (British cooking shows)
Joanne Jordan (spokesmodel for Hazel Bishop lipstick in the 1950s)
Byron Palmer ('This Is Your Music')
Don Lane ('Tonight Show' in Australia; Oz's Lanky Yank)
Soupy Sales ('The Soupy Sales Show')
Bill Chadwick (Rangers color analyst)
Tom Sparks ('Wipeout' reality show contestant, stroke)
Ken Ober ('Remote Control')
Al Alberts (founding member of the Four Aces, hosted 'Al Alberts Showcase')
Wayne Thomas ('Engineer Bill')
Oral Roberts (king of the televangelsts)
Yvonne King Burch (of the King sisters)
George Michael ('Sports Machine')
Erik Gates ('Mythbusters' amateur rocket expert)

Kim Manners ('The X-Files', 'Supernatural')
Howard Zeiff (Alka Seltzer - "Mama Mia, That's A Spicy Meatball")
John Hughes (80's director, also wrote episodes of 'Delta House')
Arnold Lavan ('The Rifleman', 'The Big Valley')
Linda Day Varnum ('Archie Bunker's Place', 'Married With Children')
Paul Wendkos ("Gidget" movies, "The Legend of Lizzie Borden", "A Woman Called Moses")

John Mortimer ('Rumpole of the Bailey')
John Updike ('Witches of Eastwick')
Philip Jose Farmer ('Riverworld')
Millard Kaufman ('Mr. Magoo', "Enola Gay", 'Police Story')
Mort Lachman (wrote for Bob Hope and Red Skelton)
Robert Fisher ('All in the Family', 'Alice')
John Furia Jr ('Twilight Zone', 'Waltons', 'Bonanza', 'Felony Squad')
Michael Ross ('Chico & The Man', 'Jeffersons', 'Three's Company')
Vince Powell ('Nearest And Dearest', Brit sitcom writer)
Judi Ann Mason ('Good Times', 'Sanford')
Frank McCourt ("Angela's Ashes")
Budd Schulberg ('What Makes Sammy Run?')
Dominick Dunne ("The Two Mrs. Grenvilles", 'Studio One' producer)
Larry Gelbart ('M*A*S*H', 'United States', wrote for Sid Caesar)
George Eckstein ('Fugitive' finale, "Duel")
Troy Kennedy Martin ('Reilly, Ace Of Spies')
David Lloyd ('The Mary Tyler Moore Show', 'Cheers', 'Frasier')
Dan O'Bannon ("Alien" franchise)

Irving R. Levine (NBC News)
Thomas Braden (CNN's 'Crossfire', inspiration for 'Eight Is Enough')
Matt Quinn ('Matt Quinn's Chronicles' on WFAA, died in burning of Stoneburg, Tx)
Milton Lewis (last surviving member of original WABC Eyewitness News Team)
Walter Cronkite ('CBS News', 'You Are There')
Robert Novak (CNN)
Don Hewitt (producer of '60 Minutes')

Jack Reilly ('Good Morning America' producer)
Richard Goldstone ('Adventures In Paradise', 'Peyton Place')
Harvey Frand ('Battlestar Galactica', 'The Pretender', 80's 'Twilight Zone')
Dick Berg ('Checkmate', 'Key West', Michener's "Space")
Kevin McGee (also former husband to 'Little Britain' star Matt Lucas, hanged)
Barry Letts ('Doctor Who')
Daniel Melnick ('Get Smart', 'Ages Of Man', 'Death Of A Salesman')
Marvin Minoff (Nixon/Frost interviews)
Bernard Birnbaum (Charles Kuralt's 'One The Road')

Gary Sherman ('Perfect Strangers', 'Dharma & Greg')
Jack Michon (Emmy-winning editor of 'Taxi')

Ben Blank (created graphic images for news broadcasts)
Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr. (one of the creators of the cathode ray tube)
Nora O'Brien (NBC executive)
Anne Roberts Nelson (64 years as a CBS executive)
Ken Roberts (announcer - 'Love of Life', 'Secret Storm', and 'Electric Company')
John Kiermaier (Channel 13 PBS station in NYC, 1960's)
Ed Reimers (Allstate announcer, also 'Maverick' & 'Cheyenne' announcer, and played Admiral Fitzpatrick in 'Star Trek' tribbles episode)
Frank Batten, Sr. (Founder of Weather Channel)
Pierre Cosette ("Father of the Grammy TV broadcast")
Caro Jones (casting director)
Douglas Duitsman (former president of the Television Academy of Arts & Sciences)
Vic Mizzy (composer, 'The Addams Family' & 'Green Acres')
Winter D. Horton Jr., KCET co-founder, CTW director
Roy Disney (Walt's nephew, head of Disney Corporation)
Harold Bell (created Woodsy Owl)

Thank you all for the ways you enriched my little fantasy world. I just pray I won't have so long a list to work on next year.....


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