Friday, January 1, 2010


So there you have it, the Toobworld Central salute to the Doctor of 'Doctor Who' here at Inner Toob. As we take our leave of David Tennant's portrayal of the Tenth Doctor and welcome the arrival of Matt Smith as Doctor Number Eleven, here's my wish for the future of the series:

More sooner than later, the show has to address the roadblock up ahead: a Time Lord is only supposed to have 13 regenerations, which would mean the original Doctor played by William Hartnell (and Richard Hurndall) and the 10 regenerations that followed, with room for three more recastaways after Matt Smith.

Christopher Eccleston and Colin Baker only lasted a year each; Paul McGann only had the one TV movie. Who knows how quickly they're going to burn through the actors to come?

This is sci-fi TV at its best - well, at the very least at its longest-running, so there must be some techno-babble to get around this. Perhaps with the Gallfreyans being re-introduced, the ruling council can offer the Doctor the chance for more regenerations, as they once did to the Master..... At any rate, the Doctor is dead. Long live the Doctor!



MediumRob said...

Matt Smith is 11 so there's room only for two more after him, since the Doctor has 12 regenerations and 13 incarnations (it's a little unclear in Deadly Assassin, but in Trial of a Time Lord, the Valeyard is described as being the Doctor between 'his 12th and final incarnation'). Then there's the whole issue of that not-quite regeneration at the end of the fourth season of nu Who, which might have used one up.

They brought Rassilon back from the dead, too, although he might be immortal for all we know.

Toby O'B said...

Math was never my strong suit, so I was seeing it as Hartnell as the original and then 13 more regenerations. There's another aspect as well - the Time Lords gave the Master another reincarnation, so there's obviously some way through it all. And like my friend Mark just pointed out, this is sci-fi, there'll be some techno-babble to get around it. No way they'd stop the show just because of that so-called roadblock.....

I'm easy. I'll buy into most any splainin they serve up!