Friday, January 1, 2010


Several new alien races and specific alien characters were introduced to the TV Universe during the Tennant years, and thankfully none of them were known to be farters.

Here's a "Top Ten for Tennant" list of my personal favorites from this era:

THE ADIPOSE ("Partners In Crime")
I gave my five year old nephew an Adipose plushie and then showed him the YouTube clip that detailed how they were created out of human body fat.....

I'm never turning my back on this kind of statuary in a cemetery ever again!

MR. FINCH ("School Reunion")
Such a great acting showcase for both Anthony Stewart Head and David Tennant as they "jousted" in the pool area....

THE WIRE ("Idiot's Lantern")
What I liked best about this alien, trapped in a TV signal, was that it seems she took her human appearance from Annette Mills of the 50s children's show 'Muffin The Mule'. Of course, I may be wrong about that....

BANNAKAFFALATTA ("Voyage Of The Damned")
I guess it's my fascination with Dr. Loveless, but I always get a kick out of the little guys. And the juxtaposition of the spiky red head with that tux is cool.

This is a character we should meet again! Perhaps one of that kindle of human/kitty hybrids he fathered could then become one of the Doctor's Companions? Might make for a cute running gag if the Doctor's dislike of cats carries over to the new incarnation. By the way, although I think of him as alien, it could be that Brannigan could be descended from the human/animal hybrids from a TV version of Dr. Moreau whom we've yet to meet....

THE RACNOSS QUEEN ("The Runaway Bride")
Decidedly over the top and rightfully so.

Technically we've only met the Trickster in 'The Sarah Jane Adventures', but it was one of his agents that caused Donna to choose a different path in life.....

NOVICE HAME ("New Earth" & "Gridlock")
Another cat character who could possibly serve as that feline Companion to the Doctor I suggested earlier.

OOD SIGMA ("Planet Of The Ood" & "The End Of Time")
Disgusting to look at, but there's a "Gielguldian" feel to the way he responds to the Doctor's prattle.....

I can't wait to see what new alien life forms we're going to meet now that "the Grand Moff" is taking over!


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