Saturday, July 25, 2009


I'm running late with this week's induction into the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame. But I was waiting to borrow a DVD from a co-worker to get just the right frame grab for this piece.

For the third week of the month in this 10th anniversary year, we've been inducting characters from the Tooniverse. And since it's July, I wanted to keep it in a Western theme, per tradition. And that's why our honorees this month are that Durango Duo....
Sure, they were eligible not only for their many Hannah-Barbera crossovers - like "Yogi Bear's Laff-a-Lympics" - to go along with their own series of cartoons, but also because of a cameo appearance that is so over the top, it demanded special mention. (Sure, Quick Draw McGraw was a client of 'Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law', but then, so were a lot of H-B characters; that wasn't anything special. Nevertheless, it does add to the legend!)
In the far future of the Tooniverse, long after the devestation of the world (but before the 'Futurama' world in which Fry and Bender live), there is a ronin wandering the world named 'Samurai Jack'. In the episode "The Good, The Bad, And The Beautiful", Samurai Jack was in the desolate regions of the American West: and he was on board a train crossing the plains which also had Quick Draw McGraw and Baba Louie as passengers.
That he shared the same world as anthropmorphized animals isn't so unusual; you should see some of the other denizens of that future! Besides, n the Tooniverse, they co-exist equally. (But they don't necessarily like to share each other's company, which is why talking animals don't show up in 'Jonny Quest'.)
What was strange was that Quick Draw and Baba Louie should be found so far into the future. Although it was never explained, the two of them must have tumbled through a rogue temporal wormhole from Mr. Peabody's Wayback Machine. Or perhaps it was after a disastrous encounter with the Time Squad.
Although it was just a quick cameo, it was more than enough to elevate the two into the Hall of Fame.

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