Friday, July 24, 2009


I love it when others who blog about TV dabble in the Toobworld theme..... In reviewing the fourth episode of 'Torchwood: Children of Earth', Star-Ledger TV columnist Alan Sepinwall had this to say about the back room politics regarding the demands of The 4-5-6:Even more disturbing, though, is the scene where the Prime Minister and his people hash out how to select the 10 percent of their children who will be turned into immortal, catatonic fanny packs for The 4-5-6. Davies' work has never shown much fondness for politicians, but Denise's speech about the necessity of discrimination at a time like this -- "Should we treat them equally? God knows we've tried and we've failed." -- are among the most chilling words ever uttered by a "Doctor Who" villain -- if not moreso, because she's not an alien invader bent on global domination, but a scared human being trying to protect what's hers by passing the burden on to someone else.

(There aren't a lot of commonalities between "Doctor Who"/"Torchwood" and "The Wire," but I could sure imagine Tommy Carcetti participating in the American version of that meeting, couldn't you?)
And one would think that since this was such a global threat, and all TV shows should be sharing the same dimension, that Carcetti was involved in just such a contingency plan over in Baltimore. If the U.S. government of Toobworld was engaged in the same kind of conversations as seen with Prime Minister Green and his advisers, then I would imagine their cold-heartedness would lead them to think cities like Baltimore would be the primary source for their 10% quota.....


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