Friday, July 24, 2009


I haven't done one of these posts in a while; I've been trying to cut down on my online spending. ("I'm a good doggie....")

But with vacation coming up and being in need of some DVDs to take along with me (as well as stuff for my 4½ year old nephew), I decided to splurge a bit. And the first wave of products arrived yesterday:

A tote bag that reads "I am not an auditor, but I play one on TV". Says it all....

A read-aloud picture book about the movie "Up" for my nephew

The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack - a collection of the weirdest comic strips I have ever seen. My cousin Paul had a different book by the same guy and it was flat-out hysterical. I'm saving this for vacation!

"The Best Of Friends" - the PBS movie that was adapted from a play adapted from the writings of Shaw, Cockerill, and Dame Laurentia which starred McGoohan, Gielgud,and Dame Wendy Hiller

"The Girl Most Likely To...." a TV movie I only saw once decades ago, but really loved. Stockard Channing, Ed Asner, Chuck McCann, and Jim Backus among the actors. Written by Joan Rivers. Black comedy.

Both DVDs are used, promised to be in very good condition. We'll see.

I ordered everything through Amazon, a name you can trust as they commercials would put it. Not so sure about a company called "A Different City"......

Back in February I ordered about six DVDs from them of TV movies I wanted to see again. I sent them a check, they cashed it in early March, and despite two follow-up emails, they've failed to contact me and let me know where my order is.

So even though the titles are tempting ("Between Time And Timbuktu"! How could I resist?), my advice right now would be to steer clear of them. If they ever get back to me, I'll let you know.


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Randy Wilharm said...

"Different City" is a rip-off.
You're not the first i've read about them.
You can watch "Between Time and Timbuktu"