Wednesday, March 18, 2009


On 'Castle' Monday night, Martha Rodgers mentioned that she once played a homeless woman (a "crazy homeless woman" as her son Rick Castle pointed out) on 'NYPD Blue'. There shouldn't be any problem in de-Zonking this so that the 'NYPD Blue' that we know can still share the same universe as 'Castle'. The title 'NYPD Blue' is pretty generic; and as there were no other details provided - at least in this reference - as to what the show was about, 'NYPD Blue' could have been any kind of show about the New York Police Department, even a sitcom! (An extra "s" on the name, and it could have been a musical - the Toobworld version of 'Cop Rock'!)

In the same episode, Rick Castle revealed that he got the plot for his first novel from watching 'One Life To Live' with one of his so-called nannies.

Referring to the soap operas of the real world on other TV shows is pretty common; Joey Tribbiani even acted on 'Days Of Our Lives' as a continuing plot line of 'Friends'. As with the reference to 'NYPD Blue', there were no other details available. So the Toobworld version of 'One Life To Live' - again, at least in this reference - doesn't have to be connected in any way to the show which my friend Mayr watches religiously.....

Toby O'B

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That is great! And his "nanny" would be Dorian.