Saturday, January 3, 2009


"WHO?" in more ways than one!

So, the announcement was just made, and here's the next incarnation of the Doctor on 'Doctor Who' (Number 11):
He'll be portrayed by Matt Smith of the stage version of "History Boys" and TV roles in "Party Animals" and "Ruby In The Smoke", the movie "In Bruges". At 26, he'll be the youngest actor to take on the role of the Doctor.

I have stated this in the past - that I have great faith in Stephen Moffat for choosing his Doctor as he takes over the series.
But I had come to really think the idea of Paterson Joseph as the Doctor was not only a slam-dunk due to the buzz, but that it was destined to be!

Geez, this Doctor isn't radically different from the last two; he's not even ginger! LOL (Like my personal choice - Julian Rhind-Tutt!)

But from all of me here at Toobworld Central, I want to say welcome aboard the TARDIS, Matt Smith, and all the best for keeping the franchise long-lasting and high-flying!
Toby O'B


Markienyc said...

While my mind is open, I was really hoping for an older more established Doctor. This seems like the Gallifrey version of the OC!

Toby said...

Which means we'll be celebrating the 'Doctor Who Chrismakkuh Invasion' in December of 2010!

Thomas B said...

I don't think he's in In Bruges.

I was pulling for Stephen Fry. After seeing Ruby in the Smoke and some interviews, I'm a little worried about Smith.

Hopefully Moffat will make it work somehow.

Toby said...

Although IMDb doesn't list him, I have seen it mentioned on the web that he played the younger version of Ralph Fiennes character.

Having not yet seen the movie, I couldn't say one way or the other.....