Friday, January 2, 2009


I went to a New Year's Day Party on Long Island. (I spent New Year's Eve down in the Village.) When it was time to go, our hosts' daughter graciously volunteered to drop me and my companions off at the train station for the ride back to the City.

On the way, she told us about her first semester at Williams College, in the Massachusetts Berkshires. For whatever reason, I never heard of the school before.

Once home, I looked at the upcoming schedule for the annual 'Twilight Zone' marathon which was just winding down to its last hours on the Sci-Fi Channel. And the only one of that batch which I had never seen was "No Time Like The Past" starring Dana Andrews. (It was one of the experimental hour-long episodes.) So I set my DVR to record it and went to bed.

I just watched it this morning and was somewhat surprised to see this newspaper graphic onscreen:

I say "somewhat surprised" because I've come to expect my "serendipiteevee to kick in every so often!

The episode also gave me two excellent yet still theoretical links to another time-traveling series as well as to another episode of 'The Twilight Zone'! And I'll be writing those up soon.....

Toby O'B

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