Sunday, December 28, 2008


The Christmas-themed episode of 'Chuck' for this year ("Chuck vs. Santa Claus") gave us more than just a great movie crossover in Al Powell and a heart-breaking rift between Chuck and Sarah. There was also a reference to "the Numbers" from 'Lost'!

My thanks to Sean, the Little Buddy to my Skipper and father of my god-daughter Rhiannon, for supplying me with the frame grab!

Toby O'B


serialnik said...

I don't get it. Were is here reference to Lost?

Toby said...

It's the number, Serialnik. "108" is the total of the original sequence of "The Numbers" and it is featured in at least one of the paintings that were on the walls of the Hatch. And it was the amount of time in the countdown in the Hatch before the button had to be pushed.