Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'm not much of a fan for game shows as far as they relate to Toobworld on their own. There are the exceptions - like when 'Jeopardy' is incorporated into the plot of 'Cheers', or the use of 'Wheel Of Fortune' in 'L.A. Law', or when 'Mama's Family' of the Harpers competed on 'Family Feud'. 'The Odd Couple' of Felix and Unger got dressed up for 'Let's Make A Deal' and even exchanged clues on 'Password'.

And speaking of 'Password', the show is back on CBS in primetime as 'Million Dollar Password', with Regis Philbin hosting. And on the recent episode, his celebrity guests were Adam Carolla and TV Crossover Hall of Famer Betty White.
Betty White's history with 'Password' is deep - especially so, as she married the former host, the late Allan Ludden. And not only did she appear in over forty episodes of the original series, but she and her husband appeared as themselves in that 'Password' episode of 'The Odd Couple'.

To honor her past association with the game show, Regis showed a very moving clip of one episode's finale in which Betty White asked Allan Ludden to take her home. It was the first show they did as husband and wife, having been married only hours before. They literally taped the program as soon as they got to the studio, right off the airplane.
It was a really sweet moment......

And I can state definitely that it ranks as the best game show moment of the year for Toobworld, beating out even the recent win on 'The Price Is Right' in which the contestant came up with the exact figure of his showcase - thus winning both of the showcases!

Just one thing - an open plea to the producers of this new version...... Provide some seats for your contestants! Betty White is 80something! She shouldn't be forced to stand during the game!

Just sayin', is all.....

Toby O'B

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