Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I waited until the last day of 2008 to post this, unlike most entertainment sources (not that I can claim to be one!) who posted about a week before Christmas and thus missed names like Eartha Kitt and Harold Pinter.

I'm not claiming my list is complete, but I didn't leave anybody off because they might have been deemed by others as being too trivial to consider. Toobworld is trivia of epic proportions and "Inner Toob" is a place where they can get some recognition.

If I missed anybody, please let me know and I'll add them in. They probably just never crossed my radar space.

Not everybody has a credit next to their names, just those for whom I probably needed a reminder.......


Maila Nurmi (Vampira)
Allan Melvin
George Keymas (Eye of the Beholder leader, TZ)
Suzanne Pleshette
Lois Nettleton
Heath Ledger
Jack Eagle (Brother Dominic)
Kevin Stoney
Barry Morse
Shell Kepler
Louisa Horton Hill
Christopher Allport
Timothy Stetson
Margaret Truman
Kathryn Ish
Augusta Dabney (Loving for 12 years)
Roy Scheider
Emily Perry (Dame Edna's sidekick Madge Alsopp)
Robert DoQui
Perry Lopez
Mary Barclay (Crossroads)
Lionel Mark Smith
John Bliss (Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide)
Eva Dahlbeck (The Markurells of Wadkoping)
Gloria Cromwell (Kate & Allie)
Jim Begg
Charlton Heston
Richard Widmark
Estelle Getty
Stanley Kamel
Madeline Lee Gilford (Jack's widow, judge on L&O)
Stephen Oliver (Peyton Place)
John Phillip Law
Harvey Korman
Bob Anderson (young George Bailey, Spin & Marty)
Terry Duggan (X Files)
Bruce Purchase (Doctor Who)
George Carlin
Dody Goodman
Don S. Davis
John Furlong
Henry Beckman
Lilyan Chauvin (Joey's Grandmother, Friends)
Clive Hornby (Emmerdale)
Larry Haines (Search For Tomorrow)
Keith Charles (Guiding Light)
Greg Burson (Bugs Bunny, Foghorn Leghorn, Huckleberry Hound, Mr. Magoo)
Elizabeth Spriggs (Shine On, Harvey Moon)
Hugh Lloyd
George Furth
Bernie Mac
Isaac Hayes
Julius Carrey
Jeff McKay
Fred Crane
Ruth Cohen (Seinfeld cashier)
Michael Pate
Mark Priestley (All saints)
Eva Pflug (German series "Space Patrol")
Richard Monette (Adderly, Peep Show)
Paul Newman
Irene Dailey
Eileen Herlie (All My Children)
Gil Stratton Jr. (My Little Margie, Life With Luigi)
Edie Adams
Ken Ogata
Beverly Garland
Nina Foch
Robert Prosky
Van Johnson
Kathy Staff (Last Of The Summer Wine)
Sam Bottoms (East Of Eden)
Majel Barrett Roddenberry
John Costelloe ('The Sopranos')
Eartha Kitt
Bernie Hamilton


Bill Idelson (Herman Glimsher, 'The Dick Van Dyke Show')
Alex Sharp (Bonanza)
Kate Phillips (the Blob, Riverboat)

Ivan Dixon
George Tyne
Dick Martin
Sidney Pollack


Boyd Coddington (American Hot Rod)
Mark Speight (Brit presenter)
Joe Feeney (Lawrence Welk show singer)
Don Gillis (Boston sports)
Jim Hager (Hee Haw)
Eddy Arnold
Les Crane
Walter "Killer" Kowalski (wrestler from the 50s)
Jerry Reed
Don LaFontaine
Lloyd Thaxton
Charles Runyon (Chucko the Clown)
Engineer Bill Stulza
Jack Narz
Levi Stubbs


James Costigan ("Love Among The Ruins")
Edward D. Hoch (mystery writer)
Robert Guy Barrows (Big Valley, Alias Smith and Jones, The Fugitive)
Phil Dusenberry (Pepsi & GE slogans)
Robert Cuniff (Sesame Street, Today show)
Ron Leavitt (Married with Children creator)
Harry Kleiner
Richard Baer (F Troop, Bewitched)
WC Heinz aka Richard Hooker (original MASH)
Malvin Wald (Naked City)
Arthur C. Clarke
Anthony Minghella
Raymond Goldstone (Knot's Landing, Falcon Crest)
Abby Mann (Kojak, Judgement at Nuremberg)
Johnny Byrne (Space: 1999)
Jack Hanrahan (comedy writer)
Ted Key (cartoonist who created "Hazel")
Richard DeRoy (Twilight Zone, 'Name Of The Game)
Sandy Howard
Bill Dial (WKRP in Cincinnatti (turkeys episode)
Mark Tuttle Sr. (Beverly Hillbillies)
Eliot Asinof - Maverick, Eight Men Out
Irving Pearlberg (Columbo, Alias Smith & Jones, Ironside)
Michael Turner (comic book artist, Witchblade)
Tad Mosel (Playhouse 90, Studio One)
Sheldon Keller (Dick Van Dyke show)
Oliver Crawford (Bonanza, Wild, Wild West, Star Trek)
Studs Terkel
Tony Hillerman
Michael Crichton (ER)
Harold Pinter

Bill Melendez (voice of Snoopy)
Gary Mooney (George of the Jungle)
Oliver Postgate (Bagpuss)

Dwight Hemion (The Tonight Show, Color Me Barbra, Frank Sinatra: A Man And His Music)
Kirk Browning (Live From Lincoln Center)
Paul Louis Tayler (Face The Nation, Nightwatch)
Herbert Kenwith (Star Trek, MTM, Here's Lucy)
Alex Grasshoff (Rockford Files, Toma, Kolchak)
Jack Roe (Big Valley)
Dick McDonough (Death Valley Days)
Joseph Pevney ('Star Trek')
Robert Calhoun ('As The World Turns', 'Guiding Light')
Claudio Guzman ('I Dream of Jeannie')
Dave Powers ('Carol Burnett Show')
Geoff Theobald (Let's Make A Deal)

Catherine Wearing (UK)
Carl Pingitore (Fantasy Island)
Milton Ebbins (The Thin Man)
Lawrence Hertzog (Nowhere Man)
Sophie B. Altman
David Mitton (co-created Thomas The Tank Engine)
Tony Schwartz (created the Johnson "Daisy" ad)
Yannah Kroy Brandt ('The American Experience')
Eric Lieber (Omnibus, Love Connection)
Jim Gates (The ABC Afterschool Specials)
Andrew Ackerman (Eli Stone)
Robert Monroe (Jigsaw John)
E. Roger Muir ('Howdy Doody', 'Concentration')
Robert Chandler (created '60 Minutes' format)

Terrence Elkes (Viacom President, 1980s)
Steve Levin (SI TV, Telemundo, WNJU)
Paul Tilley (ad exec, created "Dude, you're gettin' a Dell" & "I'm Lovin' It")
Charles M. Smith (ABC veep)
John Jay Iselin (WNET innovator)
James Day (PBS executive & host)
Clay Whitehead (Nixon's telecom advisor)
Geoffrey Perkins (BBC Head of Comedy)
Mel Harris (Paramount, Sony Television)
Lou Dorfsman (CBS interior designer)

John McWethy (ABC)
William F. Buckley
Ron Stone (Houston, 30 years)
Tim Russert
Jim McKay
Charlie Jones (football announcer, abc & nbc)
Neil McNeill
Sir Charles Wheeler (BBC news presenter)
Tony Snow

George Putnam (LA news legend)
Bob Friend (SkyNews presenter)
John Leonard (CBS Sunday Morning TV critic, book critic)

Gayne Rescher - Cinematographer (The Day After)
Trevor Williams - designer/art director (Dark Shadows, The Night Stalker)
Wade Battley - art designer (Days Of Our Lives)
John McPherson
Kermit Love - ballet costume designer, designer of Big Bird
Gerald Wilson - editor on 'Washington: Behind Closed Doors', 'Ozzie & Harriet'

Earle Hagen (DVD Show, Andy Griffith, I Spy, That Girl)
Alexander Courage (Star Trek)
David Kahn ('Leave It To Beaver')
Neal Hefti ("Batman", "The Odd Couple"

Hiram Bullock ('Late Night Orchestra' for Letterman - guitarist)
Levi Stubbs

Mark Schwed

J. Michael Bloom
Warren Cowan

May God Bless.....

Toby O'B


thedentist said...

So many, and somehow you have left out Mr. Blackwell! At last, the LA Times DOES have a useful function; here's their story...

Toby said...

You're right. I should have looked at his listing in the IMDb to see that he did appear often enough as himself in fictional settings to warrant mention.

Thanks for pointing that out to me! I'll add him in.....