Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I had decided earlier this year that it was time to banish 'Heroes' to another TV dimension. At least from the point that Future Hiro came back in Time to warn Peter about what was going to happen. After that, a new timeline was created and we've not been watching the same "heroes" from the beginning of the series. (Well, you haven't been watching the same heroes. I stopped watching altogether earlier this season.)

The dimensional change is best illustrated by the fact that Bruce Boxleitner has been on the series as the Governor of New York, and Michael Dorn apparently has shown up as the President. It's a Toobworld rule of thumb that the President of the United States in the main Toobworld, Earth Prime-Time, must be the same as in the real world. (This is because too many sitcoms and dramas will be making references to the current Commander-In-Chief, and that will be especially true, I'm sure, once Barack Obama is in office!)

As for the Governor of New York, I'd prefer that it be David Paterson, but his appearances on the local news and on the national stage (due to the Democratic Convention) are trumped by Tom Everett Scott's portrayal of Governor Donald Shalvoy on 'Law & Order'. It's always possible that one day a sitcom will make mention of Governor Paterson (his predecessor, for obvious reasons, already was), and I'll just have to deal with it then. (Fred Armisen's lampooning of him on 'Saturday Night Live' doesn't count, as that would take place in the sketch comedy dimension, "Skitlandia".)

My decision to relegate 'Heroes' to another dimension was made easier by a recent episode of 'True Blood'. I'm only catching up now on the last seven episodes of the series, thanks to the holiday hiatus, and have just met a character played by Stephen Root. Eddie is a vampire who was "embraced" in middle age at some point in the past, and whose sexual preference is for men. Currently, he's been enjoying the weekly visitation by Lafayette Reynolds, who also procures a vial of Eddie's blood to sell as "V".

But Lafayette's "talents" aren't the only things Eddie likes about Monday nights.....

I always look forward to Monday night.
First 'Heroes' then ... you

So I could have gone into a long, drawn-out splainin as to how the 'Heroes' mentioned by Eddie was not the same show as the one we watch in the real world. That it could have been a sports show, or a documentary series, or a game show. But in the end, it's not worth the bother if it's not Zonking the integrity of Earth Prime-Time.

At any rate, based on this picture of Eddie with Jason Stackhouse and Amy Burley (a Nutmeg State native!) from the next episode I'll be watching, it doesn't look like Eddie will be watching any version of 'Heroes' for very much longer.....

Toby O'B

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