Thursday, October 2, 2008


The villain of this week's episode of 'Fringe' took Peter Bishop out to the cemetary where his grandfather was buried. Dr. Walter Bishop, Peter's father, buried the metallic cylinder there, the object which had burst up through the ground in Brooklyn. As they made their way through the darkness, the camera lingered on one particular gravestone, that of Casey Peretti.

Being the TV trivia geek that I am, I went searching for info on Casey Peretti and came up with two options.

1] Casey Peretti is a stuntman who is also an amputee. He worked with JJ Abrams on an episode of 'Alias' called "Page 47". So this could be an in-joke shout-out to a former associate.

2] Casey Peretti was a doctor who died of encephalitis in June of 1990 in Oakdale on 'As The World Turns'. According to a TV Guide commenter named "Lost30Rock", Casey Peretti came from Boston, but I couldn't verify that from
his biographical data page at Soap Central.

Still, I'll side with that splainin as it's more conducive for keeping the integrity of the TV Universe intact. It would seem that at some point in the last 18 years Peretti's family must have disinterred his remains and shipped them back to the Boston area to be reburied.

Sounds plausible.....

Toby O'B

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