Tuesday, September 30, 2008


On the trip to the train station last week so that I could get back to Toobworld Central, my brother and I were talking about old TV mini-series. I mentioned my favorite, 'Centennial' and how I now owned the DVD boxed-set; the two-part TV movie 'Vanished', based on a novel by Fletcher Knebel and starring Richard Widmark with an all-star cast; and 'Captains And The Kings', based on the novel by Taylor Caldwell.

'Captains And The Kings' came up because of a blackmail sequence near the end of the original movie version of "All The King's Men", which we saw on TCM that Wednesday night. It reminded me of a scene between Richard Jordan and Henry Fonda in the mini-series.

When I got home, this e-mail was waiting for me from TV Shows On DVD:

We've added a news item for "Captains and the Kings (mini-series)" to the site. Here it is:

The Classic 1976 Drama Miniseries is Coming to DVD in January - 1:05 PM 9/29/2008 "Captains and the Kings" is on the way to DVD, and we've got the release date and cover art for you in the TVShowsOnDVD News!

the cover art for 'Captains And The Kings'.

Suze Orman says that I should lay off using the plastic and bring down my debt in these perilous financial times and I'm going to take her advice. But right after I order this, a Toobworld holy grail!

Toby O'B

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