Sunday, September 28, 2008


The Netflix of Toobworld gained seven more movies with "The Mousetrap", the latest episode of 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles'. We got to see a clip from "Beast Wizard 7", a movie that starred George Lazlo and which was a direct to video cheapie that didn't make any money... until the Terminator that looked like Lazlo killed 20 FBI agents.

According to Elisa, who posted a comment on Alan Sepinwall's blog (link to the left, T-1000s!): "The B-Movie within the show was a direct scene steal (lines and everything) from Beastmaster, a cheesy B-movie from the 80s starring Marc Singer (of V fame) and Tanya Roberts (Sheena lives!) that spawned some sequels including cheesy syndicated TV-show."
If so, we don't have to worry about any Zonks here. The Beastmaster actually lived in Toobworld back in the Time of Legend, and instead of having movies titled "The Beast Master" - as we do in the real world - Toobworld had at least seven movies in the "Beast Wizard" franchise, which would have been based on the life of the Beastmaster. The Marc Singer movie has no place in Toobworld.

(When Crow T. Robot queries "Beastmaster?" while watching "Pod People" on 'Mystery Science Theatre 3000', he was riffing on Dar, the actual Beastmaster, not the movie character. And "Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Beastmaster' on 'Robot Chicken' belongs in a different TV dimension.)

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