Wednesday, October 1, 2008


At the nascent wiki for the new FOX series 'Fringe', questions are already being asked about the character played by Michael Cerveris, known by Homeland Security only as "The Observer".

What are the Observer's responsibilities besides monitoring
the Beacon?
Is the Observer human?

They also note:

The Observer is a man, or appears to be a man, who is bald and has no eyebrows. He eats very spicy foods as seen in "
The Arrival".
He was seen walking past the
Massive Dynamic building in "Pilot".
He was seen at the hospital with the aging man in "
The Same Old Story".
He was seen at
South Station bus terminal in "The Ghost Network".
He was seen several times in "
The Arrival".

And as Dr. Walter Bishop says to his son Peter:

"It was as if he knew my thoughts before I did. He made it clear that he would need me one day to return the favor, and this was it."

Eventually, I'm sure JJ Abrams and his 'Fringe' Folk will reveal the answer to us. But for now, here's a possibility: what if he's a member of Uatu's race of Watchers from Marvel Comics?

Just throwing that idea out there. Like Mushrat says, it's pozz'ble, it's pozz'ble.....

Toby O'B

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