Friday, August 1, 2008


'Eureka' returned to the Sci-Fi network Tuesday night for its third season, with an episode entitled "Bad To The Drone". While Global Dynamics had to deal with a corporate hatchet queen, a rogue drone had attained sentience and was cruising the city, determined to stay "alive" - unlike those drones which had perished before it during tests.

"Martha" reached the level of intelligence and emotion to be found in a pouty, rebellious teenager; and as "she" was also packing serious firepower, that's not a good thing.

After seeing Martha lead her small "biker gang" of drones around the town of Eureka, Sheriff Jack Carter compared the sight to "The War Of The Worlds".

I think he was referring more to the Tom Cruise movie than he was to the HG Wells novel or to Orson Welles' radio production or the movie from the 1950s. That's one of the movies that has a double life in Toobworld, like the 1966 "Batman" movie, or the 'Star Trek' franchise. This is due to a TV series which claimed that the events that occurred in the movie actually did take place on Earth Prime-Time as well.

In Toobworld, the Tom Cruise version was based then on actual events!

So Jack would have known about the battle back in the mid-1950s and probably even saw archival footage of their spacecraft. For alls I know, he may have even seen one of their pods on display in Eureka somewhere!

The slightly triangular shape of Martha probably put him in mind of those space-craft, and that's why he compared "her" to the Martian vehicles.
At another point in the episode, Sheriff Carter's daughter Zoe described Martha as a Cylon. This was probably due to the back-and-forth action of its red beam in its visor. And here again, this wouldn't be a Zonk.

The original 'Battlestar Galactica' fleet arrived in Earth Prime-Time's solar system in 1980, and took up residence in an orbit invisible to the humans below. At some point between then and now, the Cylons must have followed after them. But they would have no need to bargain or hide from the humans. So in the years that followed, there had to be some kind of fire-fight with the Cylons... and since the Earth was apparently spared from their destruction, then I think it's safe to say that that any Cylon invasion in the main Toobworld was beaten down.

Even so, Zoe would have known of their existence and what they looked like. As with the "Martian" spaceships, she might have even seen a de-activated Cylon robot there in Eureka. Probably during a field trip to Global Dynamics.

(I also believe that the surviving Cylons in Earth Prime-Time also disappeared for a time until they were ready with their master plan - Cylons that could pass for human, right down to the genetic level! And I think one of them was in an episode of 'Las Vegas'!)
And both those splainins should serve to disable any possible Zonks from those references.


Toby O'B

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