Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Since I was in a hard-boiled film noir sort of mood last week, (what with acknowledging Raymond Chandler's birthday and seeing the movie version of Mickey Spillane's "Kiss Me Deadly" starring Ralph Meeker as Mike Hammer), I ordered the DVD collection of an HBO series:


With Powers Boothe as the iconic detective.

There are eleven episodes in the set, culminating with "Red Wind", which was the short story from which Lou Grant read a passage to Mary Richards on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'. So without actually being seen in the episode, this establishes that Chandler was writing about a "real" person in Toobworld.

(Raymond Chandler does show up in Toobworld, in a West German TV movie entitled "Chandler erfindet Marlowe" which means "Chandler Invents Marlowe". Since I'm sure Marlowe himself would argue against that, I think it's probably best for this TV movie to be put into that alternate TV dimension where the Germans ruled the world (along with all of those German productions of 'Sherlock Holmes').

Toby O'B

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