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When Dalek Caan utilized the emergency temporal shift to escape the Doctor in 1930, he was able to break the time lock on the Last Great Time War and rescue Davros from the Nightmare Child. (See my previous posting about that.) However, the effort broke Caan's mind and left him with the facility for the Second Sight.

Among his prophecies were:
  • “…he is coming, the three-fold man. He dances in the lonely places; oh, Creator Of Us All, the Doctor is coming.”
  • [Davros paraphrases] “…the Children of Time will move against us.”
  • “…he is here, the Dark Lord is come.”
  • “…I flew into the wild and fire; I danced and died a thousand times.”
  • “…death is coming, oh I can see it. Everlasting death for the most faithful companion.”

As you can see, most of those prophecies were about the Doctor. It could be argued that "He dances in the lonely places" could also refer back to when Jack was a Time Agent and keeping his "dance card" quite full with all manners of humanoids and aliens, no matter the gender - if there even was one. But as it's bracketed by other references to the Doctor, we'll keep it simple and say it was the Doctor as well. (I just don't think he was very good at "dancing"....)

And of course, the Children of Time would be the Army of the Doctor: Donna, Jack, Martha, Sarah Jane, Rose, Mickey, and even Jackie. (I would have loved it if Wilf Mott had been able to go along for the ride!)

But it's that last prophecy that has had online community of 'Who'-fans buzzing, even after the final episode aired.

Exactly who did Caan mean by "the most faithful companion"?

Most people think it's a reference to Donna Noble. The Donna Noble who had grown so much during this past season to become one of the greatest Companions ever on the show, had been reduced to her personality and memories from before even the Christmas special "The Runaway Bride". In order to save her mind from burning out due to the power of the Time Lords it now housed, the Doctor had to perform a Vulcan mind-wipe, a little trick he must have picked up when he was on Vulcan at some time. (A definite 'Star Trek' connection there, really. He was on the planet visiting a swamp-based colony of humans when he began his first regeneration in "The Tenth Planet". The Vulcans probably avoided them and let them live in that undesirable land mass as if it was a reservation.)

So anyhoo, that could be what Caan meant by the death of the most faithful Companion. But not many people are happy with that splainin. They wonder why Donna would be considered the most faithful of all the Companions the Doctor ever had. Especially since we don't have any clue how long Dr. Grace Holloway stayed with the Doctor. (I'm leaning towards the idea that they remained lovers and she stayed with him until her death. And the experience of a finite, mortal love was why the Doctor was resistant to declaring his love for Rose.)

Here's my idea....

I think Dalek Caan was talking about himself.

He could rightly consider himself the most faithful companion of Davros. After all, he risked his life to rescue the creator of the Daleks from certain death in the Time War. And his insanity became insight when he realized the futility of the Dalek existence, and so planned for this eventual onslaught to lead to his own death.

For Caan, everlasting death would be a gift.

I'm just sayin', is all......

Toby O'B

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