Friday, August 1, 2008


Like an orphan without a storm, I found another package sitting on my doorstep last night as I was heading out to meet my buddies in the Bit Torrent Rebel Alliance. My latest delivery?


This ranks right up there as one of my five favorite TV Westerns of all time. I remember when it came out in the mid-1970s, I would rush back to my dorm from whatever rehearsal I was involved in at the time to see the latest installment. (I think it was airing on NBC on either Wednesdays or Thursdays....)

I had all but the first two hours on videotape, but now - at last! - it's on DVD.

Oh. Sure. You want to know my five favorite TV Westerns now, right?

1) 'The Wild, Wild West'
2) 'Maverick'
3) 'Alias Smith And Jones'
4) 'Centennial'
5) 'The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr.'


Toby O'B

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