Thursday, July 31, 2008


Just doing a little sidestep to keep from posting 'Doctor Who' each day, every day......

Nothing signaled the respect AMC had for the return of its flagship series 'Mad Men' more than its berth in the Sunday night line-up. (When it first premiered last summer, it was during the week.) Sundays have now become crowded for my DVR sked, what with 'Burke's Law', 'Generation Kill' and 'In Plain Sight' needing their chance to join my queue. (I end up pushing 'Generation Kill' back to its rebroadcast a few hours later.)

The second season premiere had a great example of its attention to detail when it comes to its historical period. The episode picked up two years after the end of the first season, on Valentine's Day, 1962, and it ended with a montage of various characters from the show watching the CBS documentary of Jackie Kennedy's "Tour Of The White House".

Directed by Franklin Schaffner, it really did debut on February 14 of that year. And in a rare example of cooperation between networks, it also was shown on NBC that night.

For more about that documentary, with a link to the full tour, click here.

And you can go directly on the tour from the main site,

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