Sunday, May 18, 2008


Here's a spooky use of one of the numbers from 'Lost' (and from 'The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy').......

In 1966, Hedviga Golik, of Zagreb, Croatia, made herself a nice cup of tea (VERY HHG2TG!) and sat down in her favorite armchair. Her plan was for a night of telly on her black and white TV. She may have been about to watch the prime time programming on HRT-1.
Hedviga Golik was 42 years old at the time.

This week, 42 years later, Zagreb police broke down the door to her apartment to find her still sitting in that favorite armchair, the teacup - its contents long since evaporated - by her side.

"So far, we have no idea how it is possible that someone officially reported missing so long ago was not found before in the same apartment she used to live in," said a police spokesman. "When officers went there, they said it was like stepping into a place frozen in time. The cup she had been drinking tea from was still on a table next to the chair she had been sitting in and the house was full of things no one had seen for decades. Nothing had been disturbed for decades, even though there were more than a few cobwebs in there."

Jadranka Markic was nine when Hedviga "vanished". Now 51, she said: "I still remember her. She was a quiet woman who kept herself to herself but was polite. We all thought that she had just moved out and gone to live with relatives."

Hedviga died at the age of 42 and wasn't discovered until 42 years later.......

Life, the Universe, and Everything in Croatia!

Toby OB

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the Cur family said...

This has to be my favorite story of the year, so far.

True devotion.

Beat that record, Tube!

I suppose that if you add up all your time in front of the TV it would come to 42 years...