Saturday, May 17, 2008


Back in October of 2007, a forum commenter named "Horsenbuggy" made this observation about 'The Office':

I did think it was odd that the camera crew was at the Inn with Jim and Pam. I don't know that we've ever been let in on their "rules." Do they follow them all the time (even when Jim went to Connecticut) and only "show" the interesting footage, which just happens to mostly be office stuff?

I was thinking about how the documentary crew seemed to take a break over the summer so that we had to be "caught up" on what everyone had done during that time. It would make sense to me if, instead of this being a crew making one documentary, it [was] a class at a local college. Dunder-Mifflin (or maybe just Michael) made an agreement with the school that if they would buy paper from them, their office could be a continuous classroom for Reality TV filmmakers. So each semester or quarter, it's a different crew, but they just keep shooting and shooting and shooting. The footage will never air, so none of the office people gain any celebrity status. But the students learn how to follow people around and edit stories together.

I still believe that 'The Office' is being aired in Toobworld as a documentary series in the same vein as that one about the small airline at a Southwestern airport. This way, whenever 'The Office' is cited by characters on some other show, then we know it's because they've been watching the show.

But I like the way "Horsenbuggy" thinks, very televisiological!

In a related matter, Dr. Zack Addy of 'Bones' recently had a TMI moment when he revealed what happened to his urine when he was visiting his cousins on their beet farm and ate too much of the crop.

Could it be that Zack is related to the Schrutes of Pennsylvania?

Beets me.

Sorry about that, Chief.....

Toby OB

"I didn't think there'd be this much manure."
Jim Halpert
'The Office'

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Actually I've always found that they're quite ingenious about "getting the shot"... They seem to put a lot of work into thinking out the camera angles and what now.