Tuesday, May 13, 2008


When I'm in need of particular graphics for a blog post here at Inner Toob, I usually try Guba or YouTube or my own collection of DVDs. Sometimes - as was the case for the 'Lost In Space' pictures of the living fire Dictator - I order up the disk via Netflix. But this time I did some networking and borrowed a boxed set from the head of security at work.

This is a picture of Mr. Giovanni from the 'Naked City' episode "No Naked Ladies At Giovanni's House". I mentioned this portrait the other day with regards to the story about Isaiah Washington suing ABC and 'Grey's Anatomy' for using his likeness without his permission. (I agree with his viewpoint, but it does cast a pall for TV shows which want to draw on their past history.)

The character of Mr. Giovanni never appears in the story except as seen in the picture. He passed away many years before, but still had quite a hold on his son, played by Harry Guardino.

Maybe I'm wrong - it happens too many times to keep track around here! - but to me, this is a portrait of Jackie Coogan. Yet Jackie Coogan doesn't appear anywhere in the episode.

Perhaps it's from an earlier episode of the show. Maybe it's from a movie. It was probably lying around a prop room at the studio and since it would be cheaper to use the old one rather than commission a new picture.....

At any rate, I think this is a picture of Jackie Coogan [with a toupee], and it wouldn't surprise me to learn he didn't get a penny for it. (The story of his career, sadly.)

What do you think?

Toby OB

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