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Great Britain has now seen "The Doctor's Daughter" episode of 'Doctor Who', while here in the States we've just had "Planet Of The Ood". I don't have much to say about the Ood-sphere in relation to Toobworld, save for the inference that they share the same solar system as the Sensorites from a VERY old 'Doctor Who' story. But at least the episode did use two of the 'Lost' numbers - it took place in the 42nd Century and the climax occurred in Warehouse 15.

Plus there was an always welcome guest star turn by Tim McInnerny.
Actually, I still have one last piece to post about the previous episode, "The Fires Of Pompeii", dealing with the previous series in which we saw the Pyroviles.

I think the true Pyrovile form was that of the living fire within the stone bodies. (Perhaps they were related to the living star-stuff from the episode of "42"?) The stone bodies gave them form and individuality, a rebellion perhaps against their fiery version of the Founders' Great Link found in 'Deep Space Nine'. As such, then we've seen three other Pyroviles in the TV Universe, about forty years ago - on 'Lost In Space'.
In "Space Beauty", traveling showman Farnum B returned to the Jupiter 2 with an offer for Judy Robinson - he wanted her to enter into an intergalactic beauty contest. The winner would go with the ultimate judge, known as The Dictator, back to his home galaxy, where her cool beauty could quench the fires within.

And that was to be taken literally, not just as a figurative sex reference! The Dictator - and assumedly, his two aides de camp - consisted of living fire within a suit of armor. It would make sense that the Dictator had to be of the same species as the Pyroviles, and perhaps the living star in "42". But enough time had passed in which they were able to advance from using stone body units to encasing their individuality in flame-resistant metal.

But in the end, the Dictator and his two henchmen were undone by the same method as the Doctor used over two thousand years earlier - moisture. The Doctor had a cute little yellow water pistol to help him out, while Major Don West was able to crank up a recalcitrant weather machine to cause snow around the Jupiter 2. (Frankly, I don't know why they blasted off from Earth with such a crude device when the government probably appropriated the weather machine used by Mikos Cassadine on the city of Port Charles back in 1981. The Space Agency had plenty of time to refine the equipment for a more peaceful use!)

By the way, Farnum B would be from the same world and culture as that of Vorg who wasin the 3rd Doctor's adventure "Carnival Of Monsters".
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