Friday, May 23, 2008


Sometimes I get pretty O'Bsessive about the Inner Toob blog. Maybe I don't always get my facts straight - like confusing an Islanders jersey for one of the Rangers' - but still I do try to get everything just right.

When 'How I Met Your Mother' did a shout-out to 'Cheers' and Norm's alias of "Anton Kreitzer", I searched the web for a picture from the appropriate episode... to no avail.

So I got the disk from Netflix today and here's the picture I wanted for that blog post, "Re: Anton Kreitzer":

[That's the great Cynthia Stevenson as Doris,
with George Wendt as Norm Peterson]

All that time lost in searching for the appropriate picture when I could have been doing something else - like cleaning my apartment.......

Shyeah! That's the ticket!

Toby OB

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