Sunday, May 18, 2008


I've got a couple more instances in which "The Numbers" of 'Lost' came into play during episodes of other TV shows.

On the night that Liz Lemon thought she got pregnant, Dennis Duffy was wearing an ISLANDERS jersey (Thanks, Brent!) with the number "8" emblazoned on it. ('30 Rock')
Behind Dick Hollister's desk at the newspaper, there was a publicity placard announcing the 8 PM broadcast time for 'Jetman'. ('He & She')
In the camel race of Unagatta, Paul Hamilton rode Bodiceaa, camel #4, to victory. ('Supernova')
There is a weirdly shaped #8 hanging on the wall behind one of the main characters. ('Pulling')
The license plate for a police car arriving at the airport was #444. ('Poirot' - "Lord Edgeware Dies")
Vic Tyler was staying in Room 16 at the Victorian Park Hotel. ('Life On Mars')
A "Scared Straight" sketch featuring guest host Shia LaBouef took place in the 16th Precinct headquarters. This would be in Skitlandia, the sketch dimension. ('Saturday Night Live')

And finally, from the mother-show itself.....
From a hidden suitcase that also contained binoculars and Ben's kick-ass baton, Hurley helped himself to a cache of DHARMA Initiative crackers. Ben then pointed out: "You do know those crackers have been there for 15 years?" ('Lost')

If you make any sightings of the 'Lost' numbers on other TV shows - past or present! - let me know.

Toby OB


Jimn said...

I think you missed one in that scene with Liz and Dennis. Doesn't she live at 168 West End Avenue? That'd be a combination of two of the numbers - 16 + 8.

Toby said...

Hi Jimn!
I rewatched that scene again over at, and she lives at 160 Riverside Avenue.

Still, I think it works as one of "The Numbers". They used 16000 miles as a reference in the pilot episode......

Thanks for checking in!

Brent McKee said...

Last time I checked you were from New York my friend. Surely a New Yorker knows the difference between the New York Rangers and the New York Islanders!

Toby said...

Well, if anybody was going to catch that, it would be my bloggin' buddy to the North!

I have been living here for 31 years, but I'll always be a Connecticutter at heart.

Nevertheless, I'm also hockey illiterate, despite playing a hockey fan extra in the TV movie "The Deadliest Season". So I saw a stick logo and "NY", I figured Rangers.

At least I had the right sport. I remember once calling the Philly basketball team the Flyers back in the old Tubeworld Dynamic!

Thanks, Brent! I'll fix that.