Thursday, May 22, 2008


As I left the apartment this morning to do my laundry chores one day early, (just in case I get the opportunity to go out bit torrenting tonight!), I found the latest orphan on my doorstep from Amazon.

"The New Maverick"
This TV movie revitalized the classic Western which turned the genre on its head back in the 1950s. James Garner and Jack Kelly were back as Bret and Bart Maverick, but they were in support of Charles Frank as their nephew Ben (supposedly the son of Beau Maverick). However, Garner was the one who got his name above the title.

"The New Maverick" launched the short-lived sequel series 'Young Maverick' starring Frank and John Dehner. And from there, it could be attributed to the re-launch of Garner's involvement with his character in 'Bret Maverick'.

When the series debuted, 'The Return Of The Saint' was also on TV at the time. That starred Ian Ogilvie as the new Simon Templar, who was also supposed to be the son of the original televersion. So even though they were separated by about a century, Toobworld had two sons of Roger Moore characters on the air at the same time.

One last note.... the cover of the DVD has the feel of an episode of 'The Wild, Wild West' in the way that it's set up; the train kind of clinches that. Even though 'Maverick' is a gem in its own right, it doesn't hurt to play up that kind of reference. 'The Wild, Wild West' is the series I'm taking with me on my summer sojourn this year. (At least the first three season.....)

Toby OB

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