Sunday, May 18, 2008


I dream in Toobworld all the time. Sometimes I'm even awakened by these dreams with new ideas for blog posts. But usually it's just because I have to pee.

Apparently, it can be infectious. One of my brothers is having Toobworld crossover dreams now.....

Okay, you're the only one who'll appreciate this dream. Last week on my new job, I worked in a warehouse for a sports apparel company changing out old light fixtures for new, energy efficient ones. In my dream, I combined that setting with the two shows I've been following--'Rome' and 'The Office'.

A big flatbed truck pulled up to the warehouse with a bunch of tired, distraught people on the back. Apparently, the slave hunters had rounded up a bunch of escaped slaves and were returning them to their owners. As I was just a worker in the warehouse and very few others were in the building, I had to seek out the number two man in the operation to make a decision on whether to take the slave back. The slave was the sister-in-law of Lucius Vorenus and the number two man was Jim Halpert.

Weird, but I bet that shit happens to you all the time.


Yeah, but not like that one. A combination of 'Rome' and 'The Office'..... Lucky bastid.

Toby OB

That is the closest I think I'll ever get to a picture of John Krasinski/Jim Halpert in a toga......

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