Sunday, April 27, 2008


Recently the producers of a Welsh soap opera called 'Caerydydd' got in trouble for filming a sex scene in the men's room at the assembly building which houses their Senedd. (I guess similar to our Senate?)

The politicians were assured that the scene to be filmed for the series was to be one of conversation, but as it turned out it wasn't social intercourse that was going on in the scene.

'Caerdydd' takes place in Cardiff, Wales, and is broadcast in Welsh. (I believe it does have English sub-titles.) Here's a description of recent plotlines:
Love and lust at the cutting edge of capital city life – welcome back to 'Caerdydd'. There are new faces in town looking for a fresh start, and some familiar ones getting up to old tricks. Peter's realising his ambitions in the business world, but as ever it's his personal life that's causing him problems, while Osian is back and taking a gamble in the casino. New girl Natasha is desperate to climb the ladder in the media, but she'll have to knock Elen off her perch first. It won't be a surprise that Emyr’s love life is still as complicated as ever, but there will be surprises in store for Lea, Kate and just about everyone else!

There's lots to come in 'Caerdydd', and it's not just weddings, warnings and wake-up calls.

Someone’s found a body in the Bay…

So I'm wondering.... Could it be that the body in the Bay had something to do with 'Torchwood'?

I think it would be cool, speaking as a Toobworld cheerleader, if the writers of 'Caerdydd' snuck in a few references to 'Torchwood' - not as a show, but as actually sharing the same city! Nothing major - perhaps just references to weather disruptions caused by Rift activity, or acknowledgement that about ten explosions recently occurred around the city. Maybe being so bold as to actually show a Weevil skulking about in the background!
Beth ddeudi, producers chan 'Caerdydd'? Fel am yn ergydio asgwrn at hon 'n hen Deledu cariad? Gwna chyfundeb cyd-rhwng 'Torchwood' a 'ch arddangos.

If that's wrong, I'm sure I'll hear about it.....

Toby OB

"It's weevil season, but we were prepared."
Dwight Schrute
'The Office'


Welsh Language Gestapo said...

Indeed you are correct. But only in the fact that we would find you. Your Welsh sentence is completely wrong. Intertran is a rubbish trnaslator, but nice try.

We hereby sentence you to ten weeks hard labour in the Pot Noodle mine. Diolch yn fawr.

Toby said...

Ahhhhh.... if only the girls could be more like pot noodles......

Toby OB

MediumRob said...

Just watched an episode of Caerdydd - I wrote about my experience over here. Unfortunately, as you can see from the catch-up on the episode I link to on that review (assuming it works in the US. Can't link to it here, because Blogger doesn't accept mms: links), no weevils were involved with the dead body.

You don't get subtitles on S4C unless you ask for them via teletext - you can then get Welsh subtitles for anything in English, English subtitles for anything in Welsh or English for English and Welsh for Welsh if you're hard of hearing in your chosen language. Which is a pain if you ever try to record anything to watch later...

PS He's right you know. Intertran is rubbish.

Toby said...

For most of the morning, I thought that first comment was by you, Rob! (You're not going schizo on me, are you, with all these Welsh lessons?) Still, then I'm glad I made the attempt with Intertran, even if it did come out wrong. At least it means I've got proof somebody else is checking out the blog!

Would have seen that review you posted soon enough this morning, but thanks for the extra link for any other blog visitors. From your description of 'Caerdydd', I'd say 'Torchwood' would fit right in!

MediumRob said...

"You're not going schizo on me, are you"

Just call me Dai-ler Durden.

Intertran is pretty good for French, not so good for German, and pretty ropey for Spanish. After that, if it's close, you're lucky!

Incidentally, the Senedd is the building that houses the Welsh Assembly when they're debating. There's no actual group called the Senate since the Assembly is unicamaral.

Am sure you have many lurkers, Welsh or otherwise, though.