Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I'm off to join the rebel alliance in the bit torrent underground movement!

I've got three episodes of 'Doctor Who' to catch up on - "The Fires Of Pompeii", "The Planet Of The Ood", and "The Sontaran Strategem'". Plus we have the videos of two Liz Shaw solo adventures to finally watch - I hope!

Beyond that, maybe I'll get at least Mark caught up through the finale of the first season of 'Life On Mars'; I think we had two episodes left to go on that.

After that, who can say? One never knows what we'll end up watching, thanks to the bit torrent rebellion. Last time I was there in the Fortress, we watched not only "Partners In Crime", but also the very first episode of 'The French Chef' and Bette Midler's turn in "Gypsy".

So it's a mixed bag.

Wish me luck.....

Code Name: See/View Out!

Toby OB

(Pictured: Me, Team Markhael, and She Who Must Be Obeyed aka The Wire)

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MediumRob said...

Good luck! And brace yourself for the thinly veiled subtext of the Liz Shaw adventures!