Saturday, May 3, 2008


For those in the United States who watched last night's 'Doctor Who' episode, here are the two major scenes you missed because the Sci-Fi channel snipped away at "The Fires Of Pompeii" to make more room for commercial drivel:

Between the time Donna and the Doctor tried to outrace the cloud of volcanic ash hurtling towards the city and when they got back to the TARDIS in Caecillus' home, Donna tried to save people she encountered in the streets of Pompeii. She had a chance with a little boy, but his mother scooped him up and got away from her.
(And if I'm not mistaken, we saw the merchant who sold off the TARDIS at the beginning of the show during this scene.)

We also lost the coda, picking up the family's story six months later. The father is about to embark on his new marble venture in Rome; the mother scolds their daughter for trying to go out with a skirt much too short; and their son Quintus is on his way to becoming a doctor himself.
Before he leaves home to pursue his studies, Quintus pays tribute to the household gods. And we see carved in marble the figures of Doctor and Donna and the TARDIS.

Those scenes do appear in the original broadcast in Great Britain about three weeks ago, so they're already established in Toobworld and no amount of snippage can change history. Once broadcast, forever in Toobworld.

Some scenes edited before broadcast have to be included as well, however. I've learned that during the filming of "The Shape Of Things To Come", the recent "Ben-centric" episode of 'Lost', Claire started having visions after she was rescued by Sawyer from her blowed-up-real-good home. The experience was referred to a week later in "Nice Things Back Home", so it had to have happened.

And as the producers of 'Lost' have said that Claire's storyline will have a major impact (My guess? We'll learn about the Whisperers through her.), I'm making the call that the deleted scene is canon.

Toby OB

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