Sunday, April 27, 2008


A lot of of "The Numbers" have been popping up recently in my viewings and none of them have been from 'Lost'.....

Going back to 1917, Lieutenant Arthur Styles arrived in Styles St. Mary by train in "The Mysterious Affair At Styles", a 'Poirot' two-parter. The number of the train's engine was "488".

ESPN is running their own version of what really happened when Bobby Thomson hit "the shot heard round the world" in a promotional blipvert. As baseball fans should know, Thomson's number was "23".
In a classic episode of 'Burke's Law' which was written by the team of Richard Levinson & William Link (who would go on to create 'Columbo'), Captain Burke had to figure out "Who Killed Merlin The Great". The magician Jack Merlin had been staying in room "416" at the hotel which was hosting the magicians' convention.

There were "16" classrooms in Luke Smith's new school, as Luke discovered in 'The Sarah Jane Adventures' episode "Revenge Of The Slitheen".

By taking care of items on Earl's list, Randy Hickey was able to stop Earl's slide into his coma just as the monitor ticked off to "15". He was then able to bring it back up immediately to "16".

One of the bikes that competed during a motocross rally in "The Man In The Mud" (an episode of 'Bones') was numbered "42".
Well, that's the latest crop of "The Numbers" that I've been able to find outside of 'Lost'......

I should have waited until I watched the repeat of Christopher Walken's recent stint as host on 'Saturday Night Live' before I posted. In a sketch about replacing the "dirty words" to be found in the musical 'Grease' for a high school production, Andy Samberg's character Lucas wore "23" on his jersey.....
Toby OB

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