Monday, February 11, 2008


In "Who Killed The Surf Broad?" (an episode of 'Burke's Law'), one of the suspects was novelist Franklin Warren. Although he was in Los Angeles at the time of Tina Romaine's murder, he was only living there while he completed a book he was writing about the Borgias. When he wasn't working on a novel, he lived in Santa Barbara with his wife and son.

They showed a picture of his family at one point during the episode, and his son looks to be about 12 to 15 years of age. (The episode took place in the early 60s.) I ran a search of characters from episodes of 'Psych', 'The Bad News Bears', 'Owen Marshall, Counsellor At Law' and of course, 'Santa Barbara', but could find no characters from those series set in Santa Barbara by the last name of Warren.

However, I did find a major character on the soap opera 'Santa Barbara' by the name of Warren Lockridge, who was born in 1962. I see no reason why we can't make the claim that his parents Lionel and Augusta Lockridge named him after their good friend and neighbor, Franklin Warren. (As it turned out, Warren Lockridge's biological father was CC Capwell, but that's par for the course in most soap operas.)

And if the novelist had any influence in the boy's development, it may be reflected in the fact that young Lockridge grew up to be a journalist at the Santa Barbara Sentinel and then at the Santa Barbara Conscience before becoming a professor of journalism at the local college.

As usual, it can't be proven, nor disproved.....

Toby OB

As for the recastaway issue so common in soap operas, since Warren Lockridge was first played by John Allen Nelson, he is the official face of the character. His first recastaway looked like an actor named Scott Jenkins, whom I believe to have been one of those quantum leapers from the future. They often plague soap opera communities by replacing the residents so that they can do first-hand research into the life of the era (or just to get laid from all the available soap opera quim).
But with the second recastaway, who resembled actor Jack Wagner, I think the original Warren Lockridge was returned, but now with his features altered due to plastic surgery. The reason for this never came up and happened off-screen, which is where the other characters dealt with it and became accustomed to the fact that his features had changed.

Trying to keep it as simple as possible......


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