Saturday, February 16, 2008


Amy Amatangelo, who writes the TVGal blog at, was asked by a reader:

I noticed that the set for WPK Law Firm in 'Eli Stone' looks a lot [like] the set used for Wolfram and Hart on 'Angel'. Are they the same?

Her response:

I actually had quite a few people asking me this question so I looked into it and found out that the set on Eli Stone was built for the show. So, although they look similar, they are officially not the same set.

Within the reality of Toobworld, this holds true. After all, Wolfram & Hart was in Los Angeles, while WPK is in San Francisco. So we could never make the claim that they're the same building.

However, it could be that the same architect who designed the Wolfram and Hart building in Los Angeles also designed the office building used by WPK Law Firm. Or it could be someone from the same architecture firm if there is a huge time gap between the erection of both buildings. (The design of the WPK Law Firm building could have been an homage to the earlier structure.)

Toby OB

Heh heh. He said "erection".....

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