Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Tonight on 'One Tree Hill', another band gets its moment in the Toobworld spotlight when The Honorary Title (from Brooklyn) performs at the bar club Tric.

This folk/pop/punk band debuted on Warner Music last summer with "Scream And Light Up The Sky" and music from that album will figure in tonight's episode. While The Honorary Title is playing up on the Tric stage, the travails of the show's main characters will play out throughout the club. For instance, Carrie will use the night out as a way to get closer to Nathan; Mouth gets forced by Brooke to go on a blind date; and Lindsey gets all up in Lucas' face about sneaking off to see Peyton.

Apt name - it's a regular 'Peyton Place' in 'One Tree Hill'!

After tonight, The Honorary Title will have televersions of themselves. Maybe not as cool as having your own action figures, but it's the best we can supply at Toobworld Central. (Pictured here is a fan-snap of the band as they performed before the crowd at Tric.)

'One Tree Hill' airs on the CW at 9 pm EST, 8 pm Central.

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