Sunday, February 10, 2008


The Tooniverse was represented by cartoon commercials from and by the CGI lizards who danced to "Thriller" in that LifeWater ad from SoBe.

The SoBe LifeWater ad
CGI is nothing more than state of the art animation, and so the lizards are denizens of the Tooniverse. But those pen-and-ink reptiles were dancing with a flesh-and-blood woman, so it's another example of "Tooners" crossing over into Earth Prime-Time.

Previous examples were Superman (American Express), DJ Cat (Paula Abdul video), Daffy Duck ('The Drew Carey Show') and Stewie and Brian Griffin (the 2007 Emmy Awards).

The ad
Like George Lucas with that 'Star Wars Holiday Special', has come to regret ever letting one of their two blipverts get broadcast. In the one that dealt with Ling Ling and Ching Ching's bamboo furniture company, the pandas were given stereotypical Chinese accents the likes of which haven't been heard on TV since Dana Carvey played Ching Chang on 'Saturday Night Live'.

Still, it was broadcast and thus it is a part of Toobworld forever. And it could be that Ching Ching and Ling Ling are descended from the pandas who lived with 'The Brady Bunch Kids' of the Tooniverse.

As for their other ad, it also had a stereotypical character in the Indian employee who just might be Apu's cousin from 'The Simpsons'. But best of all, the company he worked for was ACME, and we all know what a leading corporation that is in the Tooniverse!

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