Saturday, February 16, 2008


Here's another non-Super Bowl blipvert, but one that could be tied into recent news. It appears that the JRR Tolkien estate is suing New Line Cinema for their practice of "accounting chicanery".

Accounting Chicanery - Wasn't that the name of some Celtic Rock band?

So with all this clouding the picture regarding progress on movies based on "The Hobbit", I thought it a good time to point out that the world of Middle Earth may exist in Earth Prime-Time - and some of its inhabitants are still around today!
We already know the fantasy world created by Tolkien already exists in the TV Universe. Over in the alternate dimension of the Tooniverse, there have been animated adaptations of "The Hobbit" and "The Return Of The King". (Combined with the Ralph Bakshi film version of "The Fellowship Of The Ring" and half of "The Two Towers", it makes for a nearly complete version of the story about Bilbo and Frodo and friends.)

And characters from the story have shown up in "Skitlandia", that alternate TV dimension which houses comedy sketches from variety programs, late night talk shows, etc. For instance, when Elijah Wood hosted 'Saturday Night Live', Gollum joined him during the monologue to promote their new sitcom, 'A Hard Hobbit To Break', complete with 80s-styled theme song.)
As for the main Toobworld, however, "The Lord Of The Rings" hasn't yet been absorbed.

But mayhaps we can make the claim it has, thanks to a new commercial for the Bank of Ireland.......

Meet Matt Kelly.
He's a dragon.

Matt could be descended from Smaug, the dragon from "The Hobbit", but he's certainly no monster like his grandsire was. Sure, he's sitting atop a hoard of gold, breathing fire and battling knights, but he's quite civilized about it. When the knight approaches to do battle, they settle their quarrel with a game of "rock paper scissors".

During this commercial, we're not seeing Matt Kelly back during the Third Age or the Fourth Age - unless that's still in effect, being the Age of Men. It's O'Bvious that Matt is a modern-day dragon (with a knack for serlinguism) because the knight arrived at his stronghold via motorcycle.
Heh heh. He's a Knight Rider!

So it is quite tentatively that we're suggesting this blipvert could be a sign that the world of Middle Earth did indeed once exist in the universe of Toobworld. And if so, some of its denizens might still be around, just waiting to appear on some sci-fi/fantasy program.

Or on C-Span if we include Dennis Kucinich.....

You can see the
Bank of Ireland ad here.

Toby OB

"Bilbo just popped in with a bunch of Hobbits for a fish supper."
'My Hero'

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the Cur family said...

LOL, you belong in a sci-fi/fantasy program....

Besides, isn't it more likely that the ancient Preserver species (ST-TNG: The Chase) visited the world of Middle Earth--

located somewhere far out in Galaxy M-33--

took samples of Hobbit DNA (after the events of Frodo's Quest), traveled to the Alpha Quadrant and used that as the source DNA in the genetic seeding of the planets?

Hobbit source DNA would account for the physical characteristics of both Humans and Vulcans, the braveness of the Klingon heart, the Cardassian appreciation of culture and cuisine...