Thursday, February 28, 2008


I'm going to be adding a new monthly feature to the Inner Toob in March, one which will probably make Lee Goldberg grind his teeth a bit - "The Fanficcer's Friend".

I don't consider what I write here at Inner Toob to be fanfic. I do theorize about unseen adventures of TV characters, but that's all in the service of making the TV Universe more cohesive. My aim is to eliminate discrepancies and to suggest possible connections between shows so that we can consider as many of the TV shows and commercials as possible to be in the same dimension.

After that, if someone wants to come along and write up a story using those concepts, that's their own bidness.

"Fanficcer's Friend" will be a monthly photo illustration of a possible crossover between at least two TV series which have never been officially linked together. My only stipulation is that the picture must come from a movie source, and not from some other TV show. That would be a scene that has already played out in Toobworld and there are enough reruns in that world as it is.

So these examples would not be acceptable:

While that is Dr. Zorba in the picture on the left, as played by Sam Jaffe on 'Ben Casey', that cannot be Admiral Harriman Nelson, the character played by Richard Basehart in 'Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea' nor Wilton Knight of 'Knight Rider'. This was already established to be Mark Cassidy in the episode "Light Up The Dark Corners".

In the picture on the right, we can't make the claim that somehow Mr. Spock of 'Star Trek' went back in Time and served alongside Sgt. Chip Saunders during World War II. Instead, that's Private Baum as played by Leonard Nimoy in the 'Combat!' episode "The Raider", starring Vic Morrow. (However, I am willing to entertain the notion that Private Baum is the father of Paris, a member of the IMF in 'Mission Impossible'.)

Here are two other good examples from 'Poirot' that might have proved tempting to other "Whovians:

Hercule Poirot and The Doctor (in his 8th and 9th incarnations respectively)? No, that's Paul McGann as a different doctor (Dr. Peter Lord in "Sad Cypress") and Christopher Eccleston as Frank Carter ("One Two, Buckle My Shoe").

But a screen capture from a movie comes from a different universe, created from another aspect of Mankind's creative spark. And as such, we can make the claim that in Toobworld, the actors depicted in that photo could instead be TV characters for whom those actors are better known.

So we'll be premiering the first such suggestion in just a few days......

Toby OB

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