Thursday, February 28, 2008


William Keck of "USA Today" interviewed Henry Ian Cusick for tonight's episode of 'Lost' which will center around Cusick's character Desmond Hume (a fave here at Toobworld Central). And this selection jumped out at me:

Q: What was it like for you and Naveen Andrews (Sayid) working on that freighter out in the middle of the ocean?

A: We filmed off Barber's Point (the west coast of Oahu) — about 10 to 15 minutes offshore. Once you're there, you're stuck on the boat, so we all had to find places to sleep and hide to be out of the shots. We had days and days being on that freighter and had a few night shoots as well. Because Naveen and I are both from the U.K., we had a lot of things to talk about — like characters from crappy old TV shows from our childhoods.

Now THERE'S a conversation I'd love to join. Nobody loves crappy old TV like me; I don't care from what country!

Toby OB

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