Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I now have that 'Pioneers of Television' mini-series which aired on PBS a few weeks back. I may have ordered it through Amazon, but it's definitely a PBS offering.

Since I was just across the street at the New York Times today (after having lunch with my buddy Michael who's an editor there), I stopped into my favorite resource for bootleg DVDs and picked up two containing episodes of the 1990s version of 'Burke's Law'. One for the pilot, which contains a great crossover prop (more on that soon), and the other for the remake of an episode from the earlier incarnation of the show. "Who Killed Alexander The Great?" had the exact same crime and solution as "Who Killed Merlin The Great?" written by Levinson & Link, the creators of 'Columbo'.

I use this episode as the basis for my contention that Captain Amos Burke was showing signs of Alzheimer's......

Toby OB

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