Thursday, February 28, 2008


The main reason I picked up that pilot episode of the 1990s version of 'Burke's Law' was to grab a picture of Henry the Chauffeur reading the newspaper during the climax. And it wasn't just any newspaper......

So both incarnations of 'Burke's Law' - and by extension, its spin-off 'Honey West' - can now be linked to not only 'Lou Grant', but also to the 'Lookwell' pilot. (You'll also see a shot from '24' [above center], but as that is from an alternate TV dimension, it doesn't exactly count.)

A subway poster in Los Angeles also features the Trib in a tie-in celebration for both the subway and the show "Wicked":
But that's outside the TV Universe altogether.

The Los Angeles Tribune was the 2003 Birthday Honors inductee into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame, along with the National Inquisitor, Playgirl Magazine, and the New York Ledger.

Toby OB

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