Saturday, March 1, 2008


So here it is: the launch of a new monthly feature here at Inner Toob, the Fanficcer's Friend.

Each month (until I run out!) I'll be presenting a picture from a movie featuring actors and actresses better known as TV characters. Then you can take those to illustrate whatever TV fanfic stories you're writing up.

This was from the movie "The Racket" which starred Robert Mitchum and Robert Ryan. The actors seen in this still from near the end of the movie are Ray Collins and William Conrad as a crooked D.A. and cop, respectively.
But this picture could help illustrate that in the past, the TV shows 'Cannon' and 'Perry Mason' shared a common history. Collins played Lt. Tragg who arrested Mason's clients, and Conrad was the private eye Frank Cannon.

But Cannon used to be on the Los Angeles Police Force. So for Toobworld purposes, we can claim that this is a picture of Tragg and Cannon working together back in the 1950s when they both were part of the LAPD.

This would be before Amos Burke was in charge of the Homicide department at Metro Division, and before Lt. Columbo moved to the City of Angels.......

Toby OB

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