Saturday, November 24, 2007


Okay, maybe my legions of readers - er, scores - um, dozens....

Maybe you guys who read "Inner Toob" can help me identify this actress.

You've seen the "Hit Moms" blipverts from Burger King, right? Three women who contract a hit on the Burger King because their kids like the meals better there than the sandwiches they make?

It's driving me nuts as to where I've seen the short redhead before. Can anybody tell me who she might be?


Toby OB


Anonymous said...

It's the chick who plays Ms Wong on MadTV.

Asher said...

she's fucking HOT too. I'd love to have it my way with her muffburger. I'd definitely "take my time."

biggro said...

damn, ya'll right. i just dropped some special sauce in my draws...damn. have dat wid a pikul

Anonymous said...

It's not Ms. Wong. First off the characters name is Ms. Bunny Swan. SWAN not WONG. And second Ms. Swan is played by Alex Borstein, who is not the woman in the BK ad.