Sunday, November 18, 2007


'Heroes' gets an unofficial Toobworld tie-in with a McDonald's commercial featuring James Kyson Lee. He and another white-collar co-worker are eating sausage McMuffins with egg which were provided by a girl in the company named Jan. They recognize that she's got everybody doing her work for her because of the breakfast sandwich from McDonald's, but they fail to realize that they are under her spell as well now.

It's only a theory and can never be proven, but it's going to be our contention that Lee is appearing in this blipvert as Ando Masahashi. The commercial is taking place during the four months since Ando's friend Hiro Nakamura went missing in the past. During that time, Ando went to work as the personal assistant to Hiro's father, Kaito Nakamura, the CEO of Yamagato Industries.

So O'Bviously the McDonald's commercial is taking place in an American-based office building/warehouse owned by Yamagato Industries.

I'm loving it!

Toby OB

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