Sunday, November 18, 2007


Wherever the Pie Hole is located, as well as the nearby town of Couer de Couer, they are located in Papen County - which apparently can only be found in Toobworld (on the show 'Pushing Daisies').

I hope it wasn't named after Franz von Papen, who was a spy in the United States during World War One and who helped Adolph Hitler in his rise to power!

A clue to the inspiration for the show's locations could be in the organization known by the acronym of PAPEN - the Pennsylvania Professional Employment Network). According to its web page, it is a "Pittsburgh-based networking organization that helps members advance their careers."

Or maybe Bryan Fuller is a fan of the music of Rob Papen from the groups Peru and Nova. (He's a composer who works with synthesizers.)

We're never going to know for sure; that would spoil the magical fairy-tale quality of this series. And besides, I'm developing a theory about the show so that it won't jar with the overall feel of the Toobworld concept.

Toby OB

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