Sunday, November 18, 2007


Liz Pardue, who runs the "Glowy Box" TV blog and who is spearheading the campaign by tele-bloggers to show support for the WGA, sent out this missive:

Hey everyone,

just heard from United Hollywood that the fan campaign they've been working on is live!

Here's what they have to say:

"Spread the word! One buck sends a box of 12 pencils to a mogul. We're pooling everyone's money to buy the pencils from a "green"manufacturer who uses wood from sustainable forests.

If the moguls refuse to accept our truckloads of pencils, we'll donate them to schools and non-profits that deal with children's literacy.

Hopefully, we will indeed have truckloads to deliver. But only if we all spread the word."

I'm not a big one for mass mailing campaigns, but this sounds extremely well thought-out to me.

So...get out there and spread the word!

--Liz Pardue
Editor - Glowy Box: Basking in Television's Friendly Radiation

You can click on the pencil - which I've anthropormophized by giving it the name "Old Number Two" (from 'The Prisoner') - to take you to the information about the pencil campaign!

Toby OB

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